25 July 2012

Fun in the Sun

Scorchio today! Had a visit to one of my favourite rivers , i was a bit worried about its level with a the rain of recent but on a arrival  the river was it's usual crystal clear self, infact i would say it was pretty low it  does though drop very fast.

I had a fish first cast but after that had a wee lull for about half an hour , then it was non stop action for the rest of the day,What fighters they are! I'd say most fish came to nymphs all though many also took the dry,, lost one better  the start of the day and broke off on one later on, but it had been a fun though tiring in the heat . Although it did fish fine i would like to see it with a wee bit more water, i will return before the season ends , and maybe a few better fish will be getting there heads down. A few signature trout .


  1. Fantastic Col - those trout really look lovely!I cannot believe how crystal clear that water is looking!

  2. Thanks Alistair, i think it's the water clarity in this river that keeps bringing me back, it really does enhance the experience.

  3. Smashing pictures there, great to have some nice weather as well.


  4. Thanks Martin glad to get rid of that horrible endless spell of rain !