5 May 2012

Late Lunch

We arrived  down to the river an hour earlier than last week and sure enough there was a fly or two sailing downstream, despite a threat of the odd snowflake   we sat and waited and waited  chatted about nonsense  too  kill time.
Camouflage and concealment
 Still nothing stirred, so we walked upstream , then back down again , and on the way back up  Brian  managed a wee trout, but it just wasn't happening generally, so we left for another stretch it was now 3:30pm , walking upstream we noticed the flies were coming down now in droves, Two  fish were rising , i got myself in position stuck a klink over the bigger of the two but he didn't seem to like it, i think i put them down in the end. Brian ventured upstream but there were other anglers on the water so we decided to go elsewhere.

Brian decided to try a bit a few miles upstream , and i went downstream, and arranged to meet up again at 5:45pm. it was just after 4pm.
A pool on Brians stretch

 I couldn't believe my luck a few fish rising one in particular a bit more mobile than the other two and making a  bit more displacement. I covered the area a dozen times with a klink but he wasn't having any of it , the surface of the water now was peppered with what i think were medium olives, yet it was obvious the fish were feeding on the emerger rather than the duns , so i put on a CDC complete with a shuck and a few casts later , i hooked him. After a really good   scrap i managed to net him.

Quite a long slightly lean trout that went a shade over 2lb. I bumped into a few other fish some wee ones i landed a few missed , but notably one monster ,  which i should have done better with he was going steady but nerves got the better of me. Time was getting on now so to meet Brian at 5:45pm i decided to go back up the beat, and on my way found another riser , in what was still a very good hatch. This one didn't mess around  and took my shucked emerger first time.
1lb 12oz
I then met Brian back at his car.We briefly compared notes and despite a good hatch on his stretch not a single fin stirred . Heading down the road we had a look off a bridge spotted a few sporadic rises so Brian got the waders on again and  we went to look for a steady riser.
he got a brace before calling it a night a lot later than planned at 8:15pm .
 A strange day maybe the night  fishing has started or maybe the cold start delayed the hatch, whatever it seems  a hard one to call. A wee session on the vice is needed for next time  .

The new batch


  1. Brilliant, fantastic trout there. Always amazing how different the action can be in different areas.

    Any pictures of your CDC emerger? Sounds tasty!

  2. Thanks Scott, i'll stick a picture of a cdc emerger up on the bottom of this post , i'll try and get my head down and tie a few tonight.

  3. I see the natural camo worked very well for you.

  4. It did but it doesn;t halve bring you out in a rash. lol

  5. well done col, a couple of bonnie trout you got there. cheers for helping out last night spotting risers for me to go for in my desperate attempt to catch a trout. I had no trouble getting to sleep last night after walking miles of river, who says fishings relaxing eh!

  6. I know what you mean Brian i had a long lie this morning first in a long while!

  7. Thanks Col, great looking flies as always. Especially like the camo too :)