3 May 2012

Hawthorn time!

Myself and Brian managed to sneek in a wee trip on a wee burn on sunday, it was freezing , but we managed a few wee fish , mainly on nymphs though one or two did stick there nose out for a dry. I mentioned to Brian how i was hoping to see hawhorns and black gnats on the water , but i'm sure the weather stopped them hatching just a smattering of hardy olives put in a show.

Today i managed to steal a couple of hours, and today the hawthorns hatched in there millions it's just a pity the trout on my local dont seem to switch on to them as a food source prefering upwings, it's always been the way where as the wee burn we were on , on sunday are quite partial to these black beasties aptly called Bibio marci as they appear  around St.Marks day.
Back to cold weather tommorow and into the weekend. Needing some heat we have a trip north in a few weeks time!


  1. i saw a few hawthorns at work today too and after we were talking about them on Sunday, it got me thinking that i don't have much in the way of hawthorn imitations in my box. better sort that out with a few patterns just incase the trout do take a liking to them in the next week or two!

  2. Aye Brian i could do with a few black dries too , probably just do a few dp's in black.

  3. A wee time on a wee stream equals a memorable outing.
    Well done.

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    1. thanks Alan , looking at your blog as i do regularly and with great envy i feel more inspired to fish wee streams , i only wish we had brookies in those streams of yours, as they have to be arguably the most beautiful of all salmonids. We do have a few wee lochans ,with wild brookies stocked by the victorians, maybe one day we will have to hit the hills in search of them.