19 September 2011

What are cavaliers good for?

Get the pies out!
Collies are great sheep dogs, alsations Police dogs, St Bernards, and Northumberlands incase you get lost up the hills they bring some brandy, springers and cockers are good retreivers,labradors eat poo!  But what about Cavaliers??????????? Some say they used to flush birds out the undergrowth, i have my doubts, but ive found a use for them..... Arctic fox substitute!! Infact possibly even better!!

This is the tail  perfect almost the same texture as arctic fox but really long, actually it gets a lot longer than this it was trimmed a few weeks ago.!
Well it's been trimmed a bit more! It has been  incorporated in favourite pike fly (tail and beard) with a few additions , still needs a weed guard and uv gel applied.


  1. Poor little guy is going to be looking a bit clumpy, nice looking fly.

  2. Thanks Douglas, once i get tying a few it'll look like a case of tail alopecia .