19 September 2011

New ground!

I'm fed up with the recent weather pattern wet, dry, but not dry enough for long enough to let the river levels drop, on top of that there s been showers through the night or very localised , localised in the wrong places!
So it was back to the Chernobyll burn. the water had fair clarity but it was heavy, i only took a couple of fish on peeping caddis ,before i decided to explore a bit further upstream  .
On the peeper

I'd fished the lower stretches before it's not that productive but does have the odd fine burn trout. the futher up i went though i was quickly fishing new ground , some of the water was lovely, the troots got a little bit more numerous too, i used a big size 10  dirty polly, a stimulator and a size 10 klink , although no monsters i know there's good fish to be had. It was fun fishing inbetween  the swathes of weed.


  1. Looks very nice Col, the weather has become a bit of a pain. I'm heading out with the sink tip and the woollies next chance I get, probably tomorrow.

    If that's the burn I think it is I still haven't fished it but maybe before the season is out I'll squeeze it in, hope so.

  2. some lovely looking trout! Wish the rain would hold off here too, the Taff has been unfishable for a few days... Im going off my head. Could you give me an Email on kieron@bvg-airflo.co.uk