13 February 2015

Go Forth!

Ive been off this week and fancied a shot at the flatties .I was speaking to Brian on our last grayling outing about a flounder venue and I decided to give that area on the river Forth estuary a try.  The weather was overcast but fine the walk out to the mark took about 10 minutes but when i got there i liked what i saw, and whats more it was a nice clean mark with loads of features .

 It didnt take long for my first flounder to register a bite.
Shortly after i took another, chunky flounder, then it went off  , until the last few hours of the tide , where they really switched on.

A trio of sea trout too intercepted the bait. Although i was trying to avoid them.

A great venue for a spot of flounder fishing , looking forward to another visit sometime.


  1. Well done Col, some cracking fish & photos.

  2. Thanks George , looking forward to a bit trout fishing now. Just 4 weeks to go!

  3. Nice flounders Col !must get along there and give it a try. I see your lumie beads are still working well.

  4. Aye bri stuck with the same rigs from our previous trip , don't know if they beads bring you more fish or not , but don't seem to be doing much harm.

  5. Nice fishing, decent flatties over the west coast seem harder to come by these days.

  6. Thanks Martin, quite like the look of Lewis for flatties.