17 May 2014

Some Pics from last week

Ive been testing out my new camera over the last week , it's a olympus tough 830 which being waterproof  should be ideal for wading the salt or just the usual once (or twice) a season ducking in the river.
Fairly pleased with the results . The fishing this week has been on falling and still slightly coloured rivers and most fish have been locked onto terrestrials mainly hawthorns and black gnats.
Some shots:
dusk fishing

Some experiments with underwater shots.


  1. Great shots. I think your new camera will do you well.

  2. Cheers alan , im gladi bought it. went out tonight took thecamera, but forgot the memorycard, typical!

  3. Looking forward to seeing what your new gear can capture. How's the macro on it?

  4. seeems ok for close up macro shots mark , but time will tell , so far i like it . if i had one niggle its a bit bulky.

    1. Have an inexpensive waterproof I use on larger rivers and then a Nikon P700 I use for small streams; much better picture quality, can go full manual, and a nice macro in a small package but it's not waterproof. If it were, it would be perfect.