2 December 2013

something graylingy going on.

Col and I arranged to meet up with Scott from http://something-fishy-going-on.blogspot.co.uk/  on Sunday . Scott was after a grayling to add to his already impressive tally of  108 different species so far this year, quite an achievement i'm sure you'll agree, so we were keen for him  to add another species to his tally with any luck. To begin with the three of us started of trotting in the run where we had picked up fish from the week before, and it didn't take long for Scott to land the first Grayling of the day, the pressure was off!

from then on we all started to pick up a few grayling, great fun on a fine winters day

you again!

Grayling even manage to put a smile on my face!

sport slowed down a after a while so we split up for a while to try some different swims, where we had a few more grayling of various sizes and the odd out of season trout.

It was a pleasure to meet you Scott and I hope you catch some more of your target species before the years out.



  1. Well done lads some nice fish there & always lovely pictures.

    1. Thanks George, it was a cracking day to be on the river.

  2. Good work. Always great when the pressure is off early for a guest.


    1. Thanks Martin, I was fair pleased when Scott got his first grayling, it didn't take him long either.

  3. Brian & Col,

    I can't thank you guys enough for helping me catch my first grayling, They really are beautiful fish. It was great to meet and fish with you both on such a nice winters day and my first go at trotting with a centrepin will certainly not be my last! Hopefully we can meet up again sometime and have some more fishy fun!


  4. Scott it was a pleasure fishing along side you, What's more I managed to get a bit info on lrf techniques for next year , hopefully put them into play next year.


  5. they are there gary keep trying , been tough lately though.

  6. Thanks again Col,

    Will bash on after it's drained from the farmers fields. Huge spate when I crossed it earlier coming home from work!

    Maybe see you on the banks one day!