11 November 2013

Winter Account Open

Not been doing much fishing of recent , mainly due to the weather , work and other matters. A few hours this afternoon allowed for a shot at the grayling burn, no question about it the grayling have been notable by their absence this year, the last two visits I have resulted in a grayling lost at the net each time.

This afternoon the burn looked great plenty water and good clarity, in fact the silt seems to have been flushed away in the high water, the water though was cold, and last nights hard frost was still evident throughout the afternoon .
 I set up Nz style first with a size 14 blister bug under a dirty Polly, but after searching a nice looking bit in the first pool I decided to up the size of the glitter bug to a size 10 , with immediate result.

A grayling a real sight for sore eyes, and for once it didn't come off  at the net.

I continued upstream for a few pools with renewed optimism, but apart from a hat trick of out of season browns that found a liking for the nymph , no more grayling were forth coming. still theres always next time.


  1. Looks a nice day for it Col. Not caught one, never targeted them , currently going stir crazy and been thinking about getting myself a Grayling.

  2. thanks martin, was a nice day for a change, ive had grayling in your neck of the woods on the river ayr before, seems to be a good head of them there. Not sure their current policy on winter fishing though?

  3. nice one Col, good to get of the mark.

  4. I certainly felt a sense of triumph , after the previous fruitless efforts.