8 August 2013

Mack- Attack

Returned to the same spot i fished last Thursday on the Forth when i took the LRF gear . Today  i had the fly rod . I fished  1 hour  up to high tide and 2 hrs after , and i think the first hour beyond high water was maybe the best. Not the big boils of mackeral but subtle attacks hear and there . I fished an intermediate with clousers sucessful colours were pink and white , red and white and flash clousers, to be honest i dont think it really mattered , if it was in there path  they would take it .

It wasnt hectic sport but i picked up fish steadily some blind and some cast to surface action. Some of the catch is bound for the smoker and some for bait for the flatties.


  1. Looks good fun col, the train must have been stinking on the way home!

  2. ayye bri there pretty wiffy, its the wee scales that get everywhere though that are annoying.