21 May 2013

First evening on a burn/ and return to the highlands

Last night i fancied wetting a line, my first evening session this year . It was the weather that spurred me on, it was one of these rare muggy days infact the imediate area was on amber alert for a thunderstorm accompanied with heavy downpours but it never came to anything.

The main river was still fining down from saturdays downpour so i headed up a little burn , a tributary of a tributary, it was looking great. i picked up half a dozen trout all on  dirty pollies , before calling it a night just after 9pm.

 Today i had  another trip to the same river i fished last Tuesday. The water was lower than when i last fished it and it was dour. throughout the day i picked up the odd fish mainly to dries but it still is a shadow of it's potential.

The fishing was that poor the I was ready to go and try a tributary but i just had to fish "that" pool.
To my surprise when i got to the pool i saw a riser , then i saw one nearer me in the tail , and it looked a good fish when i saw the back and fins caress the surface , unlike anything else today he was going regularly. replacing the duo for  a single size 12 biot klink with shaking hands i double checked my knot my heart was pumping i could even hear the beat . I tried to calm down , and hoped my  nervous vice like grip around the cork would relax , and would allow for a decent executed cast with accepatable touchdown. my first cast landed short , but the second was spot on!
     A fine trout , ive a sneaking feeling though ive seen this fellae before. It had been a eventful trip, which got me thinking . Why do we go fishing, or why must we go fishing  , i think we crave that fix, the chemical cocktail of reactions in our bodies which go on when theres triumph disapointment  the rush of adrenalins,  and perhaps endorphins? its a theory anyway.


  1. Those are some hefty browns.
    Nicely done.

  2. hanks alan, they sure made the trip special.

  3. Nice job and a beauty of the brown there. I have a simpler, less scientific theory of why we fish...it's just plain old fun!

    1. Thanks mark, very true it is fun, sometimes though it,s like riding a roller coaster type fun.

  4. Nice col, has he put on any weight since last week?

  5. Cheers bri, he is still around the same weight. He does look fatter though.