16 April 2013

The Answer my Friend.....

Is blowing in the wind. ... 32 mph winds today, I was thinking about fishing one of the bigger rivers today, but because of the  gusty conditions opted for a wooded burn instead thinking it would be a little more sheltered. The first burn I looked at was a bit muddy with the squally showers that had accompanied the wind in the morning , so I headed over the hill to try the burn Brian fished on Sunday and it was looking nice. I lost two trout in the first pool fishing a wire nymph under a klinkhammer ,but it wasn't until I reached the next big slow pool I landed my first fish , a little beauty and quite  typical of the water covered in smudged red spots.

The next slowish pool produced another to the nymph , so I skipped the chuckling runs and faster pools and walked the deer tracks till I reached the bigger slow pools only one more trout followed surprisingly though took a dry.
All the burns in this area seem to have there own signature and for me this ones defining character is  clustered  on its banks, the yellow flag iris, of all the local burns it is arguably the prettiest of them all. Another geographically unique feature is its hatch of danica mayfly not that there's lots of them its mainly a stony bottom but has the odd silty pool that suits the burrowing nymph, and although ive yet to see a trout specifically target them , they are things of beauty. Its plain to see it is not the trout but that will pull me back to this water although they are bobby dazzlers,  but for natures opera  and the  peaceful solitude,and  although for now things are still a bit slow on that front,  this violent southerly thats battering us will hopefully speed things up and bring it all back in line.
pocket water


  1. I love the red spots on those trout, it's a magic wee burn to have on our doorstep.

    1. It just seems to go on and on the pools never decreasing in size., a whole day on that burn is a must this summer.

  2. Wind is a tough thing to overcome. It seems as if you handled it well.

  3. Your right there Alan, I crave light easterlies, although they bring cold air on the vast majority of the rivers we fish its a upstream wind, finding a stretch when the wind is blowing in other directions is difficult.

  4. I was out on this burn on Saturday and had a great time of it, like you say Col it's a very pretty place to spend some time. I lost a nice fish in the first pool pictured and managed a good few on the Klink. I hope to be back on this burn sometime soon and hoping to spot some Danica, I only saw one last season.

  5. Some of they pools you fished at the weekend are new to me , they look great, ill have to explore it some time during the season

  6. It's not too far downstream from where you were fishing, the pool where I started is a great pool and there's three or four more before you hit the road that always give up a few small trout.