26 April 2013

Hail Hail the trouts are here!

Ive been looking forward to a trip to one of the local rivers for a few days now, i picked Brians local today and i think it may have been the wrong choice as where my local was running clear his was pretty murky.
Any way one of the benefits of doing a blog is you can see what you did in similar conditions in previous seasons so i kind of reffered to that . While i was tackling up a heavy hail storm occurred.

i waited for it to go off before going to a suitable pool there i sat and waited for a hatch to occur and while i did that another heavy hailstorm came down. eventually the odd  fly hatched  during the storms  just upstream a riser rose just the once , i covered the water and on my third cast he took, jump promptly throwing the hook. Looked a decent fish too.

Heading upstream i felt the hail had coloured the water further and the hatch had come to nothing  , so was feeling a little hard done by.

A few short pools up though is my favourite coloured water pool a fish was rising under a tree and then another started rising and another,this was the hatch starting proper and  it was just a matter of picking them off with a shucked cdc or turkey biot klink.
fit but fat 
 After my first 3 fish i was joined by a member of the local angling club , and i invited him to share my rod for the next few fish, by this time  a thunder storm was upon us but still the trout rose  ,i took a good few and missed a better one , he was fairly new to river angling and getting to grips with the action of my  scott rod was probably a bit unorthodox to him  ,but he was  improving every cast and   did rise a fish, i gave him a few pointers a fly before we parted company .

a few more trout before i left that pool and i headed upstream, by this time the hatch was pretty much finished and only managed another riser in another pool. Its a pity the river was so dirty i could have fished some water through with the nymphs but nice to see the fish in such fantastic condition .


  1. Hi Colin,

    That novice river angler was me !

    I was very impressed with your skills today, making it look easy is an understatement!

    Thanks again for inviting me to share your rod, I learned a lot in the short time we fished together.

    Ill be sure to follow your blog and hope to see on the river again soon.


  2. Hi Scott I wasn't aware of this yesterday but cac have acquired the whole stretch since last year, I therefore think I'm going to have to buy the season ticket, more than likely see you on the river a bit more in the future, tight lines to you and thanks for following.

  3. Job well done.
    How do you like that Orvis reel?
    I love mine.

    1. I love mine too, replaced my mid arbour Lamson velocity for it, no regrets.

  4. No bother Colin, season tickets definitely still available at £35. Just had a few hours on the same stretch, I knew conditions were too bright so don't know why I bothered! Hence never seen a riser all day!

  5. I have found in the past the almond brownies really don't like the sun.