20 February 2013

It's a start (Tying for another trout Season )

As  a trout angler i have  a preference for rivers over lochs, although hopefully this season will  see some variety with a few visits to lochs. With the season not far now  I've forced myself to have a few sessions  on the vice , not an awful lot to tie still plenty from last season of certain patterns , an hour here and there ,and  ive started to build up a stock, no flights of fancy just the workhorses that  will actually see the light of day.  

First up the turkey biot klink. These are all brown ones tied on my favourite hook the humble  Kamasan B100 these are 12's but i will tie a few 14's as well .

Next up are size 10 haresear  klinks ,  i'll go through a lot of these particularly  mid summer  onwards.

Next again very similar to the above but gives a different footprint , is the dirty Polly . Excels in turbulent water and for this you could tie the hackle more  to suit . A fly that i would reach for  in poor clarity or on waters where the fish are often reluctant to rise to a surface fly has loads of triggers big surface footprint with hackle and wing and also penetrates  the surface . The ones pictured are 10's but 12's and 14's are also useful  .
A black one in a 12 looks useful for the black terrestrial stuff, particularly hawthorn flies. And I've tied these up with a specific burn in mind.
Hawthorn fly

This one proved its worth last season when the trout were being selective when on Medium olives , seemed to be the fly of the moment on many rivers during that hatch . 

Next again a generic fly the wire nymph. This has been my bread and butter for many years , i used to tie it with a hare thorax but have since used peacock glister , both are useful but my preference is for the glister thorax, almost all i use nowadays apart from occasional wettings of the prince nymph and  peeping caddis.

That shoud be the first months covered , ive aready plenty cdc  and snowshoe patterns , and stuff for smutting fish and theres still plenty time for those high summer patterns such as  Stimulators, G&H sedges maybe the odd balloon caddis, and the CDC and elk. Maybe a woolly bugger or two would be useful . And there are also flies for lochs to tie.

Off course it wasn't all work and no play there has been the odd flight of fancy coming off the vice lately , these are with pollock in mind, i hope they like them.
Size 2/0 deceivers


  1. It looks as if you have been very busy.
    I love Klinkhammers, that helpless little fly hanging in the film.

  2. Yes Alan pretty busy, ive got trout fever and once ive got that i'm best spending that desire time at the vice, as i tend to get things done.

    I love klinks too, i reckon it must be the most revolutionary dry fly in the last century.

  3. Klinks, there's a fly I really need to get tying before the trout season kicks off, I finished last season with about 3 or 4 left. The F-fly is always a great fly for me on the local at the start of the season.

    What's the material used for the shuck ?

    Nice flies CoL!

  4. Replies
    1. Thankyou very much for your kind comment Brad.

      hi douglas, the shuck is poly yarn this is the orvis stuff, just as cheap as anywhere else. what i do is take a small pinch (i dont like them thick and try and keep them looking shuck like), singe them and any fibres that havent stuck to the melted tip remove , i aim for about the same length as the body. Colours i use either tan or grey but reckon the white wil work just aswell too. Just a note on this pattern, ive tried coq de leon, microfibbets , but when there locked on this stage the burnt shuck is by far superior, it might look odd but it really does the business.

  5. Cool, thanks for the info Col, I'll give these a bash.

  6. Some cracking flies there Col - Love the Turkey Biot klink!

    Regarding the shuck on the Olive, have you ever tried using grey or white marabou?? It seems to work well on some of my lake emerger patterns. I am yet to put it into practice on the rivers though, but it could be good to add subtle movement in slow glassy glides.


  7. Thanks Kieron, the TB Klink ill be on my cast from the first day of the season. i'll definitely give the marabou a shot. i think with the pattern above the poly yarn material taints the surface layer giving a "webby" discarding shuck footprint just as certain upwings tend to hatch flat or just in but not much under , ive also used straightish (slight crinkle) snow shoe in the past and it does a similar job.