9 December 2012


Still in swff mode, although i really should be churning off the nymphs and dries for next seasons trout fishing.

Weedguards are not a thing you hear much about in uk swff , i dont know why that is as pollack like to live amongst kelp, perhaps it's the hooking issue? Anyway one pattern got me thinking, the bend-back design.

the bend-back design works by masking the hook with the materials yet doesnt lose it's hooking power.

Any material can be used but i decided on Bucktail simply because of its stiffness.

First up was bendin the hook to shape with pliers.

  It's very easy to take it too far .
It's another pattern that needs to be tied upside down. i'm fairly pleased with the results but only time will tell how effective they are in there roll, and handful of these will be tied anyway in various colours.


  1. Very Nice Col!

    Puts me right in the mood, if only I could get out fishing :-(

    Well, maybe later in the week eh!

  2. Thanks Douglas these wont be put into service for atleast another 6 months but i'm enjoying preparing for next season , still stacks to tie as i plan to devote more time to swff next year and more pike fishing it is something which suffered this year but cant cram in everything i guess. The Rivers should be getting back to a nice level at the moment maybe a chance for a grayling almost forgot what they look like ?