13 October 2012

The Early Riser gets the Flounder (chinese proverb)

Thursday/ Friday brought persistant rain, that promptly  killed  any plans of fishing a grayling stream .  That was one of our plans for the weekend but also , we planned to hit the beach we fished last weekend, and it was a go'er cause low tide  was  early but during day-time hours at  7:30 am so we had to be out our beds kind of sharp ,  we were fishing  by 7:20 am just as the sun was coming up.
For bait today we had a few blueys and a few mackeral , the blueys though were crap for staying on the hook , awful soft and maybe could have been better salted a few days before use to toughen them up, so the mackeral was the go too. There was a  fair surf on the water and our tripods had to be placed a good distance from the tide line. I had two rods set up with 2 hook flappers and 3oz leads, Brian had the same on one rod but a running ledger setup on his other. I was first to land  a flounder, a decent one and a keeper. Then it was Brian who took the next few fish , his running ledger took this cracking flounder of 1 1/2lb
then had a few more flounder, then a turbot!

I managed afew more flounder, then it went a bit quiet, and al the time the surf seemed to be getting bigger and bigger , a change to 4oz grippers on one rod though i kept with the 3oz flattened lead on the other and just as we were contemplating a move to the nearby estuary my rod loaded with the 3oz lead registered a bite, it was a good fish too, it came in on the tide , and between waves lay on the sand where the hook popped out , a bit wresting and a bit of a soaking for us , and it was safely landed.
It went 2lb on the dot (42cm) a new PB.
That seemed to trigger a really good spell as i had a wee run of fish including a wee turbot.
Brian finished the morning session with another couple of flatties to 1 1/4lb .

At 12:30pm we decided to go for a bite to eat just as the tide was nearing it's highest point filling the sea with weed.
After that we decided to return and try the ebb, the sea was still wild and casting our rods they were imediately hauled by a weed filled sea. So we made a move for the estuary. I took one more fish but that was our lot for the day , it had been a great day, rewarding , and the flounder tasted great too!



  1. Wonderful.
    That's an angry sea.
    Flounder is my second passion.

  2. thanks Alan , it really did get wild as the day went on, surprisingly it was quite a nice day otherwise with little wind.

  3. Hi guys. Do you not find a problem that the wee flatties often swallow the hook - difficult to get the hook out. Enjoying your blog guys, some of the photos are very good.

    Thanks for the grayling flies Brian, I can blame you when I catch naff all!!

    I did a blog too for trout season 2012:


  4. Yes John finding that is a problemimes there very soft biters and it' can be a time before they register , a few weeks ago brian had even one that had taken both baits on a 2 hook flapper , the deeper hooked i just lose the hook and i imagine it'll rust away pretty quickly.Im looking forward too reading your blog !


    1. Your blogs great John plent reading for the cold nights. Some nice fish , the Tay looks great!

  5. Aye, I just lose the hook too Col. I hate doing that though, I feel guilty!!

    Time for me to look out the sea gear soon, I think.


  6. Hi John, I'm enjoying reading your blog, beautifully written posts as always, not like the terrible grammar on here!