27 October 2012

cdc & elk saves the day

With a touch of overnight frost the leaves are falling fast, this morning i found the grayling burn choked full of them.

 I worked my way upstream fishing some nice pools without a touch except for an out of season trout on the glister bug. There was no surface activity which wasn't a surprise with it being so cold, but i hoped that i might have picked up a grayling or two on the nymph, never mind!

 a fine morning
then in a favourite pool  a nice grayling came up out of the blue for the cdc & elk
 i was pleased as i gazed at my prize in the October sunshine, despite my best efforts this turned out to be my only grayling of the day. Back on the vice tonight to replace some lost nymphs for tomorrow!



  1. A fine reward for your time spent on the stream.
    Would you mind posting a photo of that fly...cdc and elk?

  2. A fine grayling Brian.

    Alan i'll stick a picture up at the foot of this . theyre is a picture on the blog somewhere.

    If you google it should come up with a how to video by the creator Hans Weilenmen

  3. Nice fish the Grayling,never caught one. Maybe it's time I did. Awesome blog header picture BTW well done.