20 September 2012

Panic Fishing (gutted)

Had to make the next trip a trout one what with only a couple of weeks left of the season. So i headed North to a highland stream. What was noticable today was how cold it was this morning. just the usual NZ searching set up as there was nor fish nor fin showing. The fish were distributed in wee groups you would get 3-4 fish then nothing even in promising looking lies for the next 100 m of river or so.  It was though fish from the start , mainly sport with  small dark fish ,  then a nicely spotted one of 1 1/4lb.

Last pool of the day i was covering a rise (there were not many all day )  and a big yellow trout came out the depths  between me and the rise form rudely interupting and taking the dry , i struck and it was on, the rod soaked up the strike and  two lunges then just as i was starting to see flashing  images of success (always a dangerous thing) the fly popped out, i was absolutely gutted , it would have been a good send off so close to the  end of the season   , i guestimate the fish  at a lean 4lb+ but a  long scottish slimmers fish for that . Bugger!


  1. Oh, bad luck Col,

    I really feel for you man. I know that feeling and it ain't nice, maybe next time. Isn't it weird how we anglers get ahead of ourselves, I seen myself almost arranging the snapshot in my head before the fish is even in the net but fish have other ideas, just one of those things.

    We are coming to that time of year again that all trout anglers must dread, close season. Apart from the weather it's not been that bad, at least when I've managed out.

  2. unlucky col, nice markings on the 1 1/4lb fish though.

  3. Cheers lads, a local burn for me next , just hope that rain go's off!

  4. Great browns. Excellent markings.

  5. thans Alan , couldve done with a few of your streamers on that day, a few toothy critter browns in there

  6. Images of success , can taste the defeat in that statement Col. Its horrible we've all been there, hard luck bud. Time for an extra time winner before the season ends...


    1. Thanks Martin for your consoling words, I'm cheered up and ready to fight another day.