8 April 2012

A Testing time for the Green burn

The main reason for this trip was to test out my 3 weight line on my two weight rod.  Didnt get there till 2pm but i think i timed it just right as a great hatch of fly came off , and in the flats you would get the occasional rise but 15 minutes or so in i reached a head and the volume of rising fish and hatch of flies was amazing, i picked , landed and a pricked them one by one, moving up the chaos resumed but within an hour it was largely all over with the odd riser . A good general stamp of fish and the line works much better on that wee rod than a 2 weight, just as i suspected.


  1. I have a two weight, and overline it with a three weight. It also works well.

  2. i think it's a real benefit for wee waters just for acuracy.