15 April 2012


Not an early start today, didnt get down till just after 1:30pm, but i think i timed it about right. I was set up by 1:45pm , and decided to get on with  fishing as a few fly were coming down , i went NZ style as nothing was rising and in the head of the first run , i struck into a trout, that was the pattern for the next few runs , then i had a pool  of rising fish , which fell for the dries.

Making my way up the next pool nothing stirred, i then realised why when i spotted another angler up ahead, a quick chat,  and i made my way past him left him a chunk of river before commencing fishing, by now the hatch had died and very few fish were on the fin.
just the occasional onceer which i spotted at distance, so i went back to the NZ style and it was quite effective taking a few from bubble lines.

By now i was heading into unfamiliar territory, as i headed upstream a few more fish began to rise, which again took the klink.

A great day fishing really enjoyed it , the fish are fighting hard! I  think i'll have to have another  look at some of these unfamiliar bits during a hatch, i'm sure they'll be productive! Home shattered , but looking forward to next weekend.


  1. looks like you had a great afternoon Col, some good trout there. You must have walked for miles if its where i think it is!

  2. aye walked a lot, some nice looking water above there.

  3. Success my friend. It's a wonderful thing.

  4. Lovely looking water and seems you have a very good average size of fish, does it get much pressure?

  5. Not really Scott or at least little effective pressure,(long may it continue) . Having said that theres far more anglers on the water than there was 3-4 years ago and i think theres a growing trend for more folk to turn to rivers .

    1. That's good news - I hope it stays that way for you. From an outsider view it seems you guys are lucky to have you 'own' little secret! Keep the fish pics coming (keeps me going when I can't get out!!)