22 March 2012

Kiss of Death?

Today i planned to go to Brian's  local , as it can be great early season.  The wind was right ,a light easterly but unfortunately it was to be a bright cloudless day, normally it wouldn't bother me , but i knew it can be the kiss of death on this river.

I got down early, partly to pick up Brian's old camera , which he kindly lent to me after my mishap yesterday. I then went down to see if the hatch had materialised, form the word go olives and even a few brook duns were coming off, but not a riser to be seen , i waited, perhaps they've just started i thought? Then they were coming down in 3's and 4's i decided time to get fishing , looks like it's going to be the way of it today, no rise!

So i started off with a NZ style a gold head brown wire nymph and a size 12 brown biot klink  on the dropper. And i fluked a trout on the nymph from a shallow run.

Next pool i fished a bubble line and i rose a fish , and in surprise i hooked it , he'd taken the klink.
That kind of unlocked the technique for the day, as in the next pool again i took a few more on the klink doing away with the nymph, only to add it again in runs. Strangely despite ignoring the naturals they were quite keen to grab my klink.

I did eventually find rising trout in a bankside tail of a pool in the shade. both took the dry. It's not the usual way i would fish this at this time of year  usually I'd only fish for risers , but today i had no choice, either that or i might not have wetted a line at all.
I'm looking forward to getting back on this river with some cloud cover! Looks like ive got some fly tying to do a couple of klinks mashed .


  1. well done col,some bonnie trout there in difficult conditions, looking forward to getting down there myself.

  2. Cheers Brian, i'll hopefully get back soon too, hope the weather holds !

    Looks like my cameras risen from the grave, just a small imperfection on the LSD but it doesn't seem to show on the photos.

  3. Glad to hear your camera's lived to take pics another day col,my guess is that it won't be the last time it gets a drooking!

  4. A good choice at time, that Klink. I do the same at times of a sulphur hatch throw on a Gray Ghost.