31 March 2012

Gluttons for punishment!

We Fished a difficult river today, it was a first visit for me. The main target was simply to get one of there marbled marked trout, i  missed a lot of trout today, broke off on a big fellae being the highlight or lowlight  i suppose, mission accomplished though , a couple of trout landed and one sported the sought after markings.
"Marbled" trout

 Succesful flies or flies which got takes ,was a bit of a mix. cdc on straight and curved hook, biot klink, biot DHE, march brown emerger , and a hareear  klink while it was used for hanging a nymph.

 A few challenging venues make for an interesting  prospect over the next month, hopefully the gods will be kind?


  1. Ah thats what they look like, mission not accomplished for me i'm afraid! maybe next time i'll be fortunate enough to catch one of those beautiful speckled trout. My confidence is now in tatters after another blank on this lovely river, i'll be back for more punishment until i catch one.

  2. Nice markings on that fish, good pictures as usual.

  3. Lovely trout. The flowers are a plus.