24 December 2011

My Biot Diet

I love Turkey biots. Been filling the boxes with a few biot flies of late.First off a comparadun i use for March browns brook duns and in olives olive uprights.
Next a Deer hair emerger.

biot nymph
And a nymph which in olive or brown is geat for trout, it's also my favourite fly for roach.
biot klink
 Klinks also get the biot treatment, mainly olives and brown again are preffered.


  1. I'm slowly falling in love with turkey, having just eaten a whack of it I'll be keeping my fancies to the tying bench for a while. nice flies Col, hope you are having a fun holiday season!

  2. Hi Douglas ,good to hear from you, think i'll be getting the vice in action, just shortly ,the rains battering off the windows at the moment hoping for a break to get the dog out for his walk!Hope you had a good christmas, trout seaon cant come soon enough!