3 November 2011

Synthetic price!

Thats my rod for a yard stick!
I got a link for synthetics from someone on a Forum, this stuff is a bargain, almost identical to other crinkley nylon synthetics , the tackle shops sell, but for the same price (actually maybe a £1 or so less) ,and  a lot , lot, lot more! It's marketed not for fishing though but for hair . As soon as i got my hands on it i flung together a fly sealing the eye and gill plate with uv gel.
I couldnt resist but to try it out, casting it is easy, the action is superb being just that little bit limper that some other crinckly synthetic type products. The Pike seemed to agree as well!

even the micro jacks wanted a bit!

After half a dozen pike the fly was still in good shape!
 My only regreat now is i didnt buy more colours  , i would like to get a grey and an olive, theres no shortage of colour choices must be about 100 from naturals to neons!


  1. Nice! Much better in a fly than in hair.

  2. Thanks Erin, total waste of money putting that stuff in your hair.I wouldn't suit me anyway.

  3. Great looking stuff Col, thanks for sharing it with us, I found loads of places to buy it from just £1.00, excellent!

  4. Time to stock up Douglas! If you intrested in the gill plates, just search for "sequin shells" on ebay.these are the 13mm ones.