13 November 2011

indecision collision!

Me and Brian had a pike trip planned involving the float tubes. On Friday night we mutually decided to wimp out and go for some grayling instead. So on Saturday we were southbound. But nearing our destination the puddles got bigger and sure enough, the river  resembles milky coffee. So we decided to try the wee grayling burn closer to home which  looked perfect. so armed with bigger than usual rods we ascended on the water  working our way through with a bug and dry. We found a riser  i rose it twice then it never came up again. Then brian hooked up wit a 12oz ish  in his favourite pool .
Fish on!

I managed a few baby grayling , funnily enough in my favourite pool on the dries later on but we both missed many fish. Just nice to get out really!

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