7 August 2011

On a highland stream

A longish  journey down narrow singletrack roads eventually saw us at out Chosen location.It is simply Stunning!
It took us a while to find our stride but eventually we started getting takes .Brian was first of the mark with this wee fellae.

I then took a trout in the next pool , then Brian was in again.
After landing a fish of 3/4lb, we both went through a bad spell of dropping and breaking off in fish some  good ones too.
Then there was a group of falls we didnt fish any of these pools but above them the river seemed to change character . The pools were fewer but pocket water was plentiful, I took atrout imediately above the falls then Brian no concentrating dropped what i think was a better  fish on the nymph. In to the pockets where i decided to fire on a stimulator and it was working great taking a good number of fish from the pocket water up to a pound.

Then i heard" awwwwww! Massive!" Followed by hurling his rod into the bankside. Brian had been bust by a big troot, atleast 3lb on his stimulator !
The rain came on pretty heavy , we never had jackets and we got soaked! It'll be a while before we return to this haven , but there is some revenge to be saught with these troots a few more troots landed would have made this trip one to remember, as it stands maybe it will haunt us. 

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