23 June 2011

Mains burn

22nd June
With the main rivers in spate, few options were available locally. The mains though was carrying more water but it didnt look that dirty, so i decided to take the dog and wee burn  rod out for a wander tonight . There is'nt much of the burn thats accessible at this time of year most is very overgrown with fronds of grass breaching the stream . But there are a few pools, one in particular , where ive had loads of fish his season , produced this fat wee trout, on a glister nymph a cracker for the burn.

 That was my lot on a nymph tried the bugger but nothing then i put on a big turk variant, and got a offer, but nothing else took in that wee pool. So i headed downstream , to a few other bit's i know. Alfie was finding it difficult to keep his paws dry.
I stuck with the dry and got another and missed another two.  And that was it i'd ran out of fishable water, a good way to spend a hour.

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  1. I've been meaning to have a cast at this wee burn but I never seem to get round to it. Nice to see fantastic wee wildies in there and doing well.