5 July 2020

wrasse around

First salt water trip of the year now that we can travel more than five miles from home! Col and I headed down to the borders where we were pleased to get our chosen mark to ourselves, target was Ballan Wrasse and anything else that came our way.

didn't take long for the action to get underway with a succession of Coalies before the first wrasse of the day.

Moving around trying different areas on the rock resulted in some nice wrasse caught and also a wee Pollack for Col.

after a while with the tide rising fast we decided to vacate the rock and head down to a nearby  harbour to finish of our session.  Fishing was also great in the harbour with plenty of wrasse on the feed including some nice wee corkwings, a codling, more coalies and wee pollack.

all in all a great return to the salt, looking forward to getting down there again.

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